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Platform FAQs:

New Account Operations

New accounts opened at the custodian/s are received in data files submitted to GeoWealth overnight. A new account for an existing client will be automatically added to the client’s household when the Social Security Number or Tax ID tied to the account matches that of the existing client on the platform.  New accounts for clients that do not have a matching SSN or Tax ID will be added to the platform and will be visible to the advisor but any householding and billing instructions must be provided for the account to be properly set up for both billing and quarterly performance reporting.

All new account instructions should be submitted to the GeoWealth Advisor Services team at

Discretionary Portfolios & Unaffiliated Cash

Deposited securities or securities not traded by GeoWealth will be placed in a ‘Discretionary’ portfolio. GeoWealth will not trade securities within a ‘Discretionary’ portfolio unless specifically instructed to do so. All cash deposits will be placed in a portfolio called ‘Unaffiliated Cash.’ GeoWealth will never automatically invest cash unless the Auto-Invest Service Request is submitted and active.

Submitting Trade Requests

All trade-related requests should be submitted via the GeoWealth Service Center. Please see the training videos in the ‘Service Center’ section (above) for instructions regarding each service request.  For assistance or questions regarding the Service Center, please contact the GeoWealth Advisor Services team at


All requests submitted after 1 PM ET will be processed the following business day. If you have an urgent request submitted after 1 PM ET, please call or email the GeoWealth Advisor Services team to escalate and the request will be processed on a best-efforts basis:

Key Definitions:

GeoWealth Portfolios

A portfolio on the GeoWealth platform is defined as a sub-account. The GeoWealth platform supports the following types of portfolios:

  • Unaffiliated Cash (Cash)
  • Discretionary (Custom/Miscellaneous)
  • Proprietary or Third-Party Manager Products: Models and UMA Models
Unaffiliated Cash (Cash)

Cash in an Unaffiliated Cash portfolio can typically be thought of as incoming or outgoing funds. Cash deposited into an account will be placed in the Unaffiliated Cash portfolio by default. Any cash that is generated through a service request (Systematic Withdrawal/Raise Cash/Terminate/Liquidate) will be journaled to the Unaffiliated Cash portfolio after trades have executed.

GeoWealth will not invest Unaffiliated Cash into a model/strategy unless instructed to do so through a service request. Advisors may request cash be invested into a model using the Inject Cash, New Investment, Dollar Cost Averaging, or Change Managed Investment service requests. In addition, GeoWealth will invest any Unaffiliated Cash deposited into an account on an ongoing basis only if there is an active Auto-Invest service request established for the account.

Discretionary Portfolio (Custom/Miscellaneous)

Discretionary portfolios hold securities that are not associated with a model, either newly deposited securities or securities which GeoWealth should not trade. GeoWealth will not trade securities within a Discretionary portfolio unless explicitly instructed to do so via a New Investment, Change Managed Investment, or Inject Cash service request.

If a sell is placed by an advisor within the Discretionary portfolio, the cash proceeds will remain in Discretionary and will not be moved into Unaffiliated Cash unless specifically requested by the advisor.

Please keep in mind when sending investment instructions that any trades placed off of the GeoWealth platform will not be reflected on the platform until the following business day. 

Proprietary or Third-Party Manager Products (Models/UMAs):

A product is a model or UMA model is traded by GeoWealth. Each individual product is implemented as one portfolio within the GeoWealth platform.

All products have a cash buffer of 1%-2% by default. Any cash held within Unaffiliated Cash or within a Discretionary portfolio is not factored into the target cash of a product. When a ‘Raise Cash’ service request is submitted, GeoWealth does not take cash held in Unaffiliated Cash or Discretionary portfolios into account.

When an advisor initiates a distribution, cash will be pulled from the account’s portfolios in the following order: Unaffiliated Cash -> Discretionary -> Product. For this reason, we recommend advisors request the distribution amount in their ‘Raise Cash’ service request; if there is already Unaffiliated Cash in the account, then the appropriate ‘Raise Cash’ amount would be the difference between the distribution and Unaffiliated Cash amounts.